Date:    30 January, 2016 (SAT)
Place:  Event site at gNakatsunah slope,
@@@@Hakuba Valley KASHIMAYARI ski resort
Torch-Lit skiing (18:45`)
@Torch-Lit skiing procession goes down to the gOmbeh bonfire site.
@General participant is also acceptable.
gOmbeh (gDondo-Yakih) bonfire (19:00`)
@gOmbeh, also called as gDondo-Yakih, is a traditional new yearfs bonfire which people burn new yearfs decorations in hope of a perfect state of health.

@It is told that if you eat a rice cake hung on a top of a bamboo skewer and baked with Ombe fire, you donft get sick for one year.
Message Fireworks (19:40`)
@Fireworks set off to the winter clear night sky are very beautiful and certainly worth seeing!

Every Saturday in February, please enjoy both of Japanese drum performance and fireworks together!

6 February, 2016 (SAT)
(Opening ceremony of Omachi snow festival)
Place:  Event site at the entrance of Omachi Onsenkyo
@@@@@@(In front of the Omachi Onsenkyo tourism
@@@ @@association office)

Hour: @20:00 ~ 21:00
@Candle lights, hKamakurah(Japanese igloo),
@ gSankuroh Bonfire

@Japanese drum performance by
@ Omachi Yabusame-Daiko, Fireworks

@Musical performance by Omachi Citizen Brass Band

13 February, 2016 (SAT)

Forest Theatre (Outdoor stage), Omachi OnsenKyo

  20:00 ~ 21:00


@Japanese drum performance by
@@Shinanono-kuni Matsukawa Kyogaku-Daiko, Fireworks

@Candle lights, gKamakurah(Japanese igloo)

20 February, 2016 (SAT)

Forest Theatre (Outdoor stage), Omachi OnsenKyo

Hour:   20:00 ~ 21:00

@Azumino folklore recital by Mompe-no-kai
@Japanese drum performance by Yasaka Seiryu-Daiko, Fireworks
@Candle lights, gKamakurah(Japanese igloo)

27 February, 2016 (SAT)
(Dream Fireworks and Sound Festival Final)

Forest Theatre (Outdoor stage), Omachi OnsenKyo

Hour:   20:00 ~ 21:00

@Japanese drum performance by
@@Genryu Miasa-Daiko, Fireworks

@Candle lights, gKamakurah(Japanese igloo)

Why donft you join this special event and light a candle with making a wish?
Your wish will be brought to gSengaku-jih Temple, which is located in Omachi Onsenkyo, for its spring festival and will be burnt in a bonfire in next February.
So, your wish might come true next yearc!

Date:    Every Saturday in February, 2016

Place:  Forest Theatre, Omachi Onsenkyo.

Reception hours:  19:30 ~ 20:45
@Candles are available at the forest theatre and Omachi Onsenkyo tourism association office.
@Please be sure to light your candle at the forest theatre.
@Free of charge

@Please use the shuttle bus HAKUBA VALLEY gOMACHI LINEh.
@Or travel commodities are also available at Hakuba Tours.


gAme-Ichih, the direct meaning is gCandy Marketh, is a local annual event.

@You can see many stalls selling variety of candies on the street. Some candies are the form of a straw-bag of salt, and some are called gFuku-Ameh which means ggood luck candyh. Some stalls sell good luck charms as well.

@Big bargain sales and events are also held in various places on the shopping street of Omachi.

Date:    11 February, 2016 (THU)
Hours: 10:00 ~ 14:00
Place:  Omachi main shopping street (Just in front of JR Shinano-Omachi Station)
@Entertainment with Japanese tradition; gOshirukoh(sweet red-bean soup) and gAmazakeh
@@(sweet alcoholic drink made from fermented rice).

@Various market, Refreshment booth, Lottery, Mochi-Tsuki (rice cake pounding event),
@@ and more!

@By train: Getting off at JR Shinano-Omachi Station
@(JR Hakuba JR Shinano-Omachi , it takes about 40 minutes.)

The origin of gAme-Ichih (Candy market)

In old days of the warring states period (15th to 16th century), a military commander called "Takeda" ruled over this area.

@One day, military commanders of neighbouring countries gImagawah and gHojoh who fought against Takeda prohibited business of the salt. Since the territory of Takeda was all mountainous country, people had a lot of difficulties to make living without salt.

@Thereupon another military commander "Uesugi" who fought against Takeda in the northern part heard this story and said "The war must be done by soldiers.", and he gave an order to send salt to merchants of other territory as well as his own territory without putting up a price.

@It is said that the origin of gAme-Ichi (Candy market)h is gShio-Ichi (Salt market)h which was begun to memorialize the day the salt arrived at Matsumoto on 11 January.

@ gShio-Ichih became to be called "Ame-Ichi" in the first half of the Edo period, and then it came to be called "Hatsu-Ichi (The first market)" from the late Edo period to the Meiji era, and it came to be called gAme-Ichih again in the recent times.

@In Omachi, it became a custom to hold the gAme-Ichih market one month later on 11 February.


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